Sensory Table

Sensory Table

A conventional conference room table transforms itself into a valuable piece of sensory equipment with 5-14 sensory booths at the press of a button by elevating partitioning walls. Satisfying the requirements of both, a conference room table and a sensory booth, the SAM Sensory Table is the ideal solution even in the smallest of rooms. When comparing the investment for installing individual sensory booths to the investment for the SAM Sensory Table, the savings becomes evident. The SAM sensory table booths satisfy all the prerequisites as stated in the sensory DIN-Norm “Group Testing Tables“ (see: requirements of test rooms - DIN 10962).

ST 08

  • Integrated LEDlight – flexible
  • high-end nanomaterial
  • self-installation – modular
  • special purpose solution
  • space saving – multifunctional
  • lifting wall

Four different table setups are available

Three functions of the SAM Sensory Table

Function 1: Conventional conference room table
Function 2: Sensory Booths
Function 3: Panel Training & Discussion of results


  • Quality Assurance, Research & Development (R&D), Marketing
  • Enables the integration of every sensory testing standard even with limited space
  • Allows independent judgement through automatically elevating partitioning walls