Sensory Booth

Sensory Booth

The SAM Sensory Cabin System has proven to be an excellent practical installation throughout its use in sensory tests at SAM International. The cabin allows concentrated and undisturbed work on sensory tasks. The screen in the SAM Sensory Cabin System is placed on a console at eye-level in the corner of the cabin (dimensions of the cabin: length/ depth/height 122/135/210cm). Thus providing more flexibility and more working space for the tester facilitating better results.

Description and Functionality of the Sensory Booth

The sensory cabin is intended for data collection by CASA (Computer Aided Sensory Analysis).

A light signal system connects the cabin with the preparation room.
The work-table of the SAM sensory cabin is made of CORIAN. The work- table offers enough space for the testing samples, the computer mouse and/or the keyboard. The integrated sink (normally used as cuspidor) on the right hand side of the cabin is also made of Corian and includes a siphon acting as odor trap.

At the top the cabin is covered with an illumination box which assures the illumination of the entire working space without any shadows. The illumination box includes two white tubes imitating standard daylight and one red fluorescent tube for masking differences in color.

In addition, the air-permeating grid allows air ventilation to eliminate odors emerging from the cabin.

The work-table and the sink are white and the walls of the cabin are grey.