Put sense behind the figures


Put sense behind the figures

Qualitative Research is a broad field of exploration that uses unstructured methods such as observations, discussion, etc. It uncovers the context of product experience, the «Why» of consumers‘ behavior, their motivations, attitudes, beliefs, decisions. Ideal in combination with quantitative methods, making sense for our clients and their consumers.

Creativity Workshop

Provides an interactive, methodologically structured framework to enable free thinking apart from everyday life.

The application of different moderation and question techniques has the objective to favor creative impulses and to guide collective knowledge into new channels.

Focus Groups & Sensory Focus Groups

Enlightening reactions, attitudes, emotions and social interactions with the use of a group dynamic: reaction and backlash of participants reflect the normal social communication process in the use of products and brands.

Sensory stimuli reveal input for acceptance and preference bringing to light new market and marketing opportunities.

In-depth Interviews

A direct access to the consumers' world of experience and perception, totally focused on individuals in a confidential environment.

This specific approach allows the application of different psychological questioning techniques in order to reveal taboo-topics and issues released from their social context.

Consumer Day

Consumer Day is an interactive - verbal and nonverbal - day with consumers and stakeholders, moderated by a facilitator.

The target is to have an intense exchange between both groups enabling you to see it from the consumers' point of view through a real life experience.

Sensory Product Lab

Supporting product development live with several and well selected sensory focus groups in order to transform direct feedback of the consumer into product definition.

Boosting product development by continuous feedback from the relevant target group in order to generate products with a high market potential – a consumer driven product development.

Accompanied Shopping Trips

Accompanied Shopping Trips offer the possibility of identifying specific consumer behavior including purchase style and patterns as well as the perception of a product at the point of sale.

Relevant influencing factors on the consumers’ choice and purchase can be better understood. This enables the derivation of practical recommendations for the optimization of product presentation and to obtain a stronger and more harmonious sensory attractiveness of the product increasing your sales and attracting new customers.

Home Visits

Being a guest in the home of the consumer delivers valuable Insights into how consumers deal with products, packaging and product information in their natural environment, their real life situation – the ethnographic approach.

Being interviewed in this familiar atmosphere reveals further aspects and influences relevant to the consumers' perception of the product.