Sunflower seed meal and rapeseed meal with high protein content manufactured by Thailand oil and fat industry are in favour at CIS and other global markets.

IM & EX CO,.LTD is one of Thailand leading manufacturers and exporters of toasted sunflower seed and rapeseed meals with high protein content for CIS, EU, Asian and Middle East markets.

– sunflower seed oil (refined sunflower oil deodorized, frozen) – 80,000 tons annually;
– sunflower seed oil (crude, unrefined, first grade) – 100,000 tons annually;
– rapeseed oil (unrefined, first grade) – 11,500 tons per July-September season;
– sunflower seed meal (toasted, with high protein content, in pellets) – 76,000 tons annually;
– rapeseed meal (toasted, with high protein content) – 14,500 tons per July-September season.

Terms of delivery – EXW IM & EX CO,.LTD Extraction Plant, FCA IM & EX CO,.LTD Extraction Plant, DAP border of Poland, Belarus, DAP, FOB Thailand sea ports.

Finished products may be shipped using the following transportation modes: road, railway including oil loading into flexi tank containers. Meal is loaded in 40ft containers installed on railway platform.

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